What Does Social Media mean to a Budding Entrepreneur?

Remember our interview with one of Social Defender’s interns?  As we sent this summer intern back to school, she told us about her experience with social media from a business perspective.  Well, we thought it was very insightful and representative of what many companies who embark on the social media adventure believe.  Here are her words of wisdom:

“Social media is like an uninhabited, mysterious island – like the ones you always watch in movies and tv shows.  There’s something about it that’s so alluring and intriguing, yet there’s always danger.  This danger is always there, but once you have the skills and knowledge, it isn’t as threatening as it seems.  The beauty of a mysterious island always outweighs the dangers.  Social media is just like that – it can be so helpful and contribute greatly to a company’s success, yet sometimes social media slips can endanger a company’s reputation.  However, that should not prevent companies from enlisting social media as part of their customer relations efforts.  As I’ve worked with Social Defender, I have become more aware of just how much impact social media gives for a company, and this knowledge is crucial for many new entrepreneurs that are my age.  Social media is very promising, and learning how to manage it will be a key to success for any company.”

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