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With Social Defender, you possess multiple options allowing you to effectively control your social media presence. Increase your responsiveness, create a voice for your brand, realize important issues, assign jobs to your team, outsource social media if you wish, and present your findings using key analytics.

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Social Media Analytics

In order to improve and optimize your social media strategy, you will need the ability to determine what social media content is successful and why. The detailed analytic reports provided by Social Defender can help you gauge overall social media efforts to develop future marketing strategies.

Social media analytics that are made accessible by Social Defender make it easier for you to understand raw data by giving you the ability to generate colorful graphs and intuitive reports. Reports include imperative information based on feedback, statuses, customer sentiment, and comment sources.

Feedback and Statuses – Find out if the majority of your brand’s comments classify as positive, negative or neutral. Stay aware of action taken by your brand by knowing if comments and statuses are responded to, deleted or left unanswered.

Comment Sources – Discover which social media sites have the most activity. Do you have multiple brands? Quickly identify those drawing in the most social media attention.

Customer Sentiment – Stay in touch with your target’s emotions by tracking overall customer sentiment. Read more about the the benefits of customer sentiment analysis.

The social media analytics that Social Defender provides can help you pinpoint and understand the value of your efforts to engage consumers so that they are inspired to interact and share on social media platforms. Gain an in-depth understanding of how search and social media channels can improve reach, placement and brand value. Step into the shoes of your customer to really understand how conversations and content is discovered, consumed and shared.