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With Social Defender, you possess multiple options allowing you to effectively control your social media presence. Increase your responsiveness, create a voice for your brand, realize important issues, assign jobs to your team, outsource social media if you wish, and present your findings using key analytics.

Who? What? When? Where? Why?... It's covered.

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How It Works

Whether you are newbie or professional when it comes to social networking, Social Defender is a user-friendly social media management tool designed to provide you with valuable insights, accurately measure your social media efforts and calculate customer sentiment.

Social Defender connects to all of your social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, G+, blogs and forums – into one manageable area. This single solution to social media management allows you to determine and analyze customer needs while monitoring, responding to and managing those accounts.

How is this accomplished? We have built a large, distributed spider – a program which, similarly to how Google searches the Web, visits websites from all around the world. There is one major difference though: our spider monitors your social networks all the time looking for activity. This way, we pick it up very quickly and you know instantly.

Large brands often require a number of team members to manage different social media channels. Social defender allows you to create workflow rules for different brands, channels, day of week, time of the day and more. If you select the Silver or Gold Plan, you have the ability to appoint team members to create these schedules and tasks. These team members can aide in the social media process without threatening or invading your account security. You can create a sub-admin on sites like Facebook, but sub-admins have the ability to lock you out of the page once they are given this responsibility. With Social Defender, you do not have to take that risk.

The listening platform also allows you to analyze what is being said online about your brand, service, industry, and competitors. The analytics provided to you may be incorporated with your future goals and business plans. This includes but is not limited to your customer service, sales, lead generation, public relations and marketing practices.