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With Social Defender, you possess multiple options allowing you to effectively control your social media presence. Increase your responsiveness, create a voice for your brand, realize important issues, assign jobs to your team, outsource social media if you wish, and present your findings using key analytics.

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Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Does your brand appeal to customer emotion? Measuring the emotional state of people can seem complicated. Focus groups, questionnaires and large surveys can be time consuming and costly. Social media makes this information easily accessible. What makes the process difficult is gathering, extracting and analyzing raw data.

Within Social Defender, you are provided a Social Media Sentiment Analysis tool which allows you to instantly gauge customer sentiment across all platforms and social sites. This can come in handy for new product launches, public relations efforts and day-to-day tracking.

The tone of feedback related to your products, services and brands are analyzed, categorized and then intuitively reflected within your administrative account.

Social Defender’s automated sentiment analysis allows you to instantly gauge the tone of online conversations and track the impact of your marketing and social media efforts over time. Discover the underlying emotional connections customers have with your brand to yield greater success.