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Social Defender gives you one powerful and comprehensive area to efficiently control the success of your brand. Built-in account management and analytical tools provide immediate access and key insights to all feedback, blogs, posts and reviews through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube , G+ , Tumblr, Blogger and more. Sign up to see how your brand measures up!

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How It Works
How It Works

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Social media monitoring


Mange multiple social media accounts simultaneously with posts, comments, and updates.


Monitor and Moderate your social media channels in realtime. Make sure negative comments are removed with 93% accuracy.


Publish your message to multiple channels from a common platform. You can schedule then in advance if required. Multiple team members with different approval can be used here.


Gather analytics and create reports based off Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.


Improve your brand value with sentiment insights from different social channels. Stay ahead of competition by moderating user comments.

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