Social Defender’s Big Event this Weekend

Social Defender has been selected to be featured at Tech Cocktail’s Chicago Mixer and Startup Showcase this Sunday, June 24th, and we are honored to have this opportunity.  We are getting ready to have a fantastic weekend of connecting with other startups and sharing ideas with everyone.

The media company Tech Cocktail describes themselves as a “literal cocktail” – it’s a social mixing of entrepreneurs and tech lovers who gather together to converse about the latest technology and new startups.  Founded in 2006, Tech Cocktail has expanded into a global event that attracts thousands of fans.  They host many different kind of events (mixers, conferences, showcases, to name a few) in many different cities (Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Barcelona, and more) to boost entrepreneurs and help them share their latest ideas and technology.

Sponsored by Motorola, Tech Cocktail is collaborating with TechWeek to host some of the greatest minds and startups in the Midwest this weekend.  Hosted in expo style, tech enthusiasts will be able to educate and connect with other convention goers, as well as amplify their own ideas.  There are expected to be over 200 attendees at this Sunday’s event.

Social Defender considers our attendance to this mixer a huge honor – we can’t express how fortunate we are to share our newest accomplishments with others.  We enjoy connecting with you all through the web, and we regret that we can’t bring you all to the Windy City to meet you in person (but we’ll be sure to update you on how the event goes)!  But for those of you in the Chicagoland area that will be attending Tech Cocktail, we’d love to put faces to names and have the opportunity to connect with you this weekend.  Social Defender is gearing up and getting ready to mingle with the brightest minds of the Midwest!

Social Defender?

Businesses must be able to have immediate access to customer feedback in a world becoming more rooted in social media networks.  However, as social media is becoming the necessary mode of communication, businesses and marketers might feel overwhelmed with all of the information available.  Social Defender gives marketers and business owners one powerful and comprehensive area to efficiently control the social media success of one or more brands.

So what exactly is Social Defender?  Social Defender is a user-friendly social media management tool designed to provide social media newbies and professionals with the ability to manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously, gain valuable insights and accurately measure social media efforts.  Social Defender gathers all established social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, G+, Pinterest, Blogger, blogs and forums) into one place, allowing management and monitoring of feedback, which allows businesses to gain valuable insight and accurately measure social media efforts.   Social Defender does this through its large, spider program, which tracks specific websites and company buzz.  Social Defender allows efficient management by assigning team members the ability to process reviews and information instantly and provide feedback.  Marketers can also gain information through the listening platform about market trends and competitors, which makes the process even more compact, easy, and efficient.

Social Defender allows businesses and marketers to determine and analyze customer needs and to gather customer sentiment, which is crucial for overall success.

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