Why Small Businesses Need Social Media Marketing

Small businesses, unlike their larger counterparts, must utilize their personal connections with their customers to efficiently respond to the needs of their target audience.  Customers nowadays create their comfort zones on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  These online platforms are becoming a major influence on consumers, as they can have more access to product information and reviews through these networks.  A recent Market Force study shows that 81% of American consumers are influenced by their friend’s social media posts.  Small businesses cannot afford to dismiss social media- its presence in consumer lifestyle is huge, and still growing.

Social media monitoring can be incorporated into PR activities so consumers can easily access information they are looking for about a brand.  Social media monitoring can improve brand awareness, allow the business to engage in personal conversations with their customers, and gather information critical to formulating an approach towards the target market.  If businesses and marketers devote time to communicating with customers through social networking platforms, they can see an improvement in customer relations and an increase in sales.  The instant access and feedback businesses will be able to have will show customers that they are engaged and interested in helping the consumer understand their product.  Social media monitoring is an easily accessible way for small businesses to communicate and receive crucial information from consumers.

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